Sphere Removable Stones Necklace


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Choose the stone you desire for your day with this necklace featuring removable stones?a versatile jewel plated in 18ct gold.


Our stones are handmade and transformed into beautiful jewels and create their connection with nature. Discover the beauty and energy of the Nature Stones Collection by Luvieh.

Our pieces are hypoallergenic, plated in 18ct gold, nickel-free. They are manufactured with selected raw materials of natural origin, which can lead to small variations in colour, shape, and size. They are made by hand. This means that there is no mass production, that is, variations can occur and this makes each piece unique. Gems: textures, markings, and colours are exclusive properties of each gem, that is, there is no repetition.

Icephorm Tuote # 17084-52772


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